Meet Your Makeup Artist

Hello & nice to meet virtually meet by text. My name is Rhee Rhee Owner of JP Makeup Studio & Aerglo Cosmetics. I specializes in makeup services, makeup group classes as well as one on one makeup lessons! I am a Midwest native who discovered my love for art at the age of 5. While blossoming into a young adult my love for art grew fonder and fonder and decided to chase a degree in photography. After receiving my photography degree I adventured off into the artist world! I gained my makeup experience from being hands on with my photography clients. In 2008, I started my makeup business full time and began working under the name Jewells Photography & Makeup Studio. In 2015, I shortened my company name and went by JP Makeup Studio and also started my own cosmetic line named" Aerglo Cosmetics." I really enjoy doing makeup because it allows me a sense of peace and I can express what my heart feels and we all know the heart never lies! Who ever is reading this, I do look forward to working with you so I can create the makeup look tailored to your own personal style! Thank you for taking out the time to read my bio...



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Kurly Girl Bath & Beauty

The Glitter Palette was beautifully packaged. The shadow colors were very fully saturated with color and glitter. This palette could definitely compete with any mainstream brand

Stephanie Hood

Owner Aointed Scents

JP Makeup Studio has always provided nothing but top notch services to me. From being professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. Her works speaks for it!


Lisa Nauling (You Tuber)

Owner Homebodyforlisa

Wonderful work and very professional at all times. Rhee treats me and my girls individually and not just as another face. She puts time and effort in all that she does. I love her work. I recommend you to try her for yourself.